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God asked Adam and Eve one of the most intimate questions in all of Scripture, “Where are You?” He did this knowing full well their location. He also knew their thinking had been twisted by Satan as recorded in Genesis 3. That might answer the questions, “Where did all of my misconceptions of God come from?” and “Why can’t I Invite Him In for the intimacy I desire?” Because of the iniquity (twisting) that destroyed the intimacy with God, Adam and Eve believed a lie that they could “be like God knowing the difference between good and evil and blessing and calamity” (Genesis 3:5). What the lie actually did was cause them to judge for themselves what was good and evil apart from God. Intimacy and vulnerability were what God intended for mankind, but immediately they judged what God had said was good as evil. They made clothes for themselves (ashamed of their own nakedness) and above all, hid from God. Why? They believed Him to be angry, unfair, punishing, unloving, and unjust. They could no longer run to Him and walk with Him in the garden because they were now afraid of Him. They no longer saw through the lens of love; they saw through the lens of fear. We do the very same thing because, like Adam and Eve, we also have a misconception of God. It can be formed through the rejections of parent relationships, circumstances or childhood traumas and is certainly on a feeling level-no Truth to it. Can it be healed? Yes! Invite Him In. He is waiting to show us the Truth of Who He is as revealed in His Son, our Lord, our Savior, Jesus Christ. (Matthew 11:27) He is ready to heal through forgiveness and the receiving of our union with Himself through believing Who He says He is and who He says we are. As our Fountain of Life, His desire is to draw us back to that most vulnerable, intimate relationship with Himself-New Covenant living. He is still the same God who walked through the garden and today He is calling you and asking, “Where are you?”  There is no better way to start your New Year than to answer this question by responding to His Love and new mercies. They wait for you every moment of every day. Happy New Year!